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We have set up our store area to serve you safely . We are asking all customers to have face covering masks, and to practice social distancing. Thank you for visiting our website !

Our thoughts and prayers are with all our employees, customers, vendors and friends in this difficult time. Stay safe, get out side and work in your yard and garden. It is easy to see God's hand in nature this time of year!
We love you all and appreciate your friendship.
Keep the Faith !


Please continue scrolling to the bottom of this page and check out where YOU are on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map!!

This year 2020 is our 35 th year selling HARDY flowers, trees ,and shrubs in the twin tiers!!! Let our experience help YOU be successful the FIRST time !!!

This is a USDA Hardiness Zone Map of New York State and of the state of Pennsylvania.It has been re-done for 2012,for the newest version you may go online and search for it,type in USDA Hardiness Map.For 2012 it now claims we moved up a half a zone ,and we are now in zone 5a (-15 to -20 degrees F ) . It shows the coldest average temperatures that can be expected in different areas of the 2 states in any given winter.This map is valuable to us because all the Trees,Shrubs,Evergreens and Perennial Flower Plants have a hardiness zone rating.The rating tells us the coldest zone the various plants will survive in. Here in the Olean NY and Bradford Pa areas we are in zone 4(as of 2012 now zone 5a) . There are however many places within our area that are more protected,especially in the citys and villages,where zone 5 plants will grow just fine.It is also interesting to note that our friends in Buffalo NY, and Rochester NY up along the lakes, are actually two zones warmer than we are here in this area of the twin tiers.We carry a wide variety of perennial flowers,trees,evergreens and shrubs that are especially well suited to our unique area.
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